Florida can achieve free, fair, and healthy elections. Here’s the way to do it. Opinion

Opinion by Co-Leader Designates Bobby DuBose & Evan Jenne

The COVID-19 pandemic has created new challenges for all aspects of our lives, including elections. Recently, we have seen the effects of limited voting options play out in real-time as 10 states were forced to postpone elections. Fortunately, Florida was not one of them.

Florida was able to conduct our March 17 presidential preference primary as scheduled because our state has embraced modern voting procedures that both increase access and reduce congestion at the ballot box.

Because we allow vote-by-mail, by the time Florida’s first coronavirus case was reported on March 3, a significant number of Floridians already had ballots in their hands.

Because our state requires supervisors of elections to offer at least eight days, and up to fourteen days of early voting, Floridians avoided crowded precincts, allowing choices that prioritized health while simultaneously exercising voter’s constitutional right.

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