Florida Democrats in the Legislature propose new statewide election fixes

As reported by Mitch Perry, Florida Pheonix-

In the wake of last November’s unprecedented three statewide recounts, state Democrats have been promising to unveil electoral reforms.

Now, State Sen. Jose Javier-Rodriguez, a Democrat from Miami-Dade County, has made good on that pledge. He’s sponsoring a bill that would require::

– A standardized ballot design.

– Uniform guidelines on when local supervisor of elections offices must notify a voter that their ballot has been rejected.

– Uniform guidelines on how to verify mail-in ballots when a ballot signature doesn’t match the one on file at the local supervisor of elections office.

– Uniform statewide poll worker training.

“There is nothing more important to the future of our democracy than our commitment to ensuring that every vote is counted at the ballot box,” Senator Rodriguez said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the 2018 ballot election revealed glaring holes in our electoral processes that left our citizens unsure that their voices had been heard,” Rodriguez said.

State Senators Oscar Braynon, a Democrat from Miami Gardens, and Bobby Powell, a West Palm Beach Democrat, are co-sponsoring the legislation.

There is no companion bill yet filed in the Florida House. House Democratic Leader Kionne McGhee has directed Orlando state Rep. Geraldine Thompson to produce a similar election reform package.