Florida House Minority Leader Kionee McGhee toured the area Friday at the behest of Michael’s Angels, a group of local women focused on advocating for the community after Hurricane Michael. What he saw made him promise to return with more members of the legislature.

As reported by the Panama City News Herald:

PANAMA CITY — The Florida legislature can do better for those impacted by Hurricane Michael, a political leader said after touring the damage.

“We failed our brothers and sisters living in the Panhandle,” Florida House minority leader Kionee McGhee, D-Miami, tweeted after touring the area. “The results of our promises to help don’t match the severity of the storm. It’s typical government slick talk.”

Michael’s Angels, a group of women focused on advocating for the community, set up the tour for Friday. They brought McGhee to Merritt Brown Middle School, Rutherford High School, Bay Medical Sacred Heart, and the Emergency Operations Center. They also visited some people who are living in tents.

Representatives from Michael’s Angels thanked McGhee, who represents Miami, for making the trip.

“We have been all over the East side of Bay County today with Leader Kionne McGhee of the Florida House of Representatives,” they wrote on Facebook. “Thank you isn’t enough to everyone who welcomed our crew today. Not done yet!”

McGhee made the decision to visit after two members from Michael’s Angels visited Tallahassee. McGhee promised to visit after Jennifer Burg, who lost her home in the hurricane, spoke in front of the House’s Appropriation Committee.

“We’re a proud people in the Panhandle and we don’t like to ask for much, but today we need your help more than ever to ensure we are appropriated the funds we so desperately need to save our community,” Burg said. “And we are worth saving.”

Since the visit, McGhee said he plans to return with more members of the legislature to show them the damage as well.

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